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Alien vs. Predator [entries|friends|calendar]
Alien vs. Predator

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Alien vs. Predator fandom help [29 Jan 2008|09:03am]

Hello, I run Fan History, a fandom wiki dedicated to writing and preserving the history of fandom. There is an article about the Alien vs. Predator fandom that could use some help from people inside the fandom. :) While it is easy to get things like when communities were started and when canon was released, it is much harder to put that information into context, find out about fandom fighting, who the big name fans are and what people are doing at conventions and on the more remote parts of the Internet. Any help in editing the article would be much appreciated. :) If you don't feel comfortable editing the Alien vs. Predator article, please pass the link along to anyone you think might be able to. :) The more people who contribute to the article, the more accurate and useful it will be.
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[22 Dec 2007|02:13am]

Aliens at different stages.

3 Icon Previews:

( +27 aliens icons this way )
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Icons [10 Dec 2007|03:14am]

AvP, Avp:E, and various Alien images.
Icons are from various movie posters, drawings and statues/props photographs

( 13 icons )

- comment if you take
- credit when you use

>>More Of My Icons!
- Resources
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found nude picture of predator [20 Feb 2005|12:34am]

[ mood | weee ]

don't know if it's old news or new news
I found a clay model of a nude predator picture
it got me thinking that the yantia's must have a very diffent body struture
the males...you know the long male organ
is mostly inside of the body and they must red rocket...
like dogs do and other animals
don't know what that means?

look it up!!

turns out they were going to have a nude scean of predators in the movie
but it was cut
they were going to show them being bathed in goo which I think it's like taking a bath

oohhh I wish they kept that scean!!

I would have love to see them turn around and show that sexy ass!
cus I seen it!!

they acturl were going to include alot of scean with the predator life
like training sceans
sceans of the elder blessing the new teenager's hopeing they will be men scussfuly
also sceans of when the young teenager's didn't get along

also what seem to be the father of one the predators younger's was supoost tp be in there
but they cut out alot of predator activey of each other nbecause it would have offended blind people

damn it!

who ever want to see a predator drinking cok cola!


I acturl have apicture of that!

e-mail me

at CherryChuck@hotmail.com

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predators are sexy! [16 Feb 2005|11:32pm]

I know the real name of wht they're called but I'm too lazy to type it

I honestly fell in love with the predators cus I couldn't help but look at they're booties and big muscular bodies

I hoesntly like the one form predator 2

hewas so sexy I wanted to get near him

but he would have hunted me down and raped my throat with a dagger!!

any fans of wanted to touch predators in a very sexural matter fan?

come on!!

speak your being!!
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would like to seee a female predator... [15 Feb 2005|12:58am]

[ mood | yep! ]

I honestly kind of sick seeing human women
and just plain male predators

I started a pention with my other friends
I know it seems stupid
but really just would like to see a female predator
we sent it in and we got a postive respones!!
un like disney who are rude to the bone!

"we are acturl going to add female predators in the future
not sure which movie...
but we know alot of fans would like to know of the predators history and soctiey
that will include female predators...
thanks for mailing and leting us know what you would like
thank you"

an't that good?!!
I'm so happy they took the time!

I've heard many times before that female predators are acturl more ruthless then the male
they usely kill for certain reasons,like for meds,finding cures and etc
sometimes to humans or to other creatures they come in contact with

like sense the females are mostly the ones to build machines and invent,cook the food,and bare the children
they can do what ever they need to get things into a line of improveing the race

so they do what they much well please!
it has been rumored that feamles can hunt just like the males and follow the code
but we will have to see I guess

hopeing that they will show female;'s soon!

but do you think they should be like they say in the books and be taller?
or be at least a or 2 shorter?

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[08 Feb 2005|11:44am]

Hey, could anyone find me a pic' of a female Predator? I haven't had much look finding one, except some cheap ass human girls wearing a mask.

I don't care if it's a "picture" or from the comic.

Thanks in advance if any of you can.
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[04 Feb 2005|05:54pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hello. My name is Kat ( or Katlynn (Real name)... Kate-Lin.). Or I go by Acosha. But I don't really care, you can call me whatever... ( I have too many names.....).

I happen to be inlove with Alien and Predator... Probably too much. <.< >.> I'd sleep with a Predator if I got the chance...

Anyways. I found this Community and I love whoever made it. :D

I pride myself in knowing what I do about Alien and Predator (Wich is a freakish amount), and I love this community and actually having people to talk to who don't think I'm too obsessed or insane. >.<


I love this community!

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Aliens/AVP eBay auctions [11 Dec 2004|01:57pm]


I've got three Aliens/AVP collectibles up on eBay right now, viewable at My eBay page here.

I'm selling the SOLD OUT Bolt Gallery Alien statue, one of the Ltd. Ed. "Deadliest of the Species" hardback signed by Claremont and Bolton, and #81 of the 1991 Dorman Ltd. Ed. print (taken from AVP #4). Please have a look, and pass the info along if you know anyone who might want any of them.

Crossposted to assorted Aliens/SF/Horror groups.
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SCAR and LEX!! [09 Sep 2004|06:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I was at school, checking my DeivantArt account, seeing if there were any new pics of journal entries, and I came across one dedicated to Scar and Lex!

And it's so freakin' funny!

We all got the idea that Scar liked Lex, right?

Well, bri-chan, a wonderful artist if I do say so myself, drew this cute little comic about them. Make sure to read the Artist's Comments below the pic!

gifts from the predator

lmao! ^^

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NO MORE AVP AS OF FRIDAY...AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! [06 Sep 2004|02:52pm]

Alien vs. Predator has been knocked down to 1 showing at the movie theater I work at, it has been given the kiss of death, on Friday when Resident Evil opens, it will be gone. Let us all bow our heads in silence for our fallen movie.

But look on the bright side, the quicker the movie leaves the Theaters, the quicker we can see the directors cut on DVD!!!
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Hi [02 Sep 2004|10:59pm]

Just thought I'd say hello, since I just joined this community. I'm crawfordwraith, and have been a Predator "geek" for years, and an Alien fan even longer than that.

Anyway, lookikng forward to reading the posts in this community, and stuff and stuff.
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Two Cents [31 Aug 2004|10:20pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Well, just dropping a line one the movie. It was good, but it wasn't great. I'm like one of the other fans who have followed the movie since it came out and adored the Predator and Alien respectively in all their horror/badass glory. This movie did it shame. The Alien chestburster took less than 30 minutes to do its job, whereas in the first Alien movie it took about two hours. Aliens are suspenseful creatures that inspire those moments in theatres when you jump because they pop out of nowhere or are intimidating. This movie didn't feel that way. Although, it did have nice references to the tunnel syndrome with all the mazes.

The Predators seemed keen, save for the fact that as compared to the ones in Predator and Predator 2 they took MAJOR steroids to look that buff. Especially since they were teenagers, by comparison. Upon Scar de-masking itself, the face was horrible! It lookd a little too humane as compared to the other Predators and I almost felt like he would've made out with Lex. That would've been an ultimate slap to the face to those that follow the Yautja closely. Also disappointed that the Celtic Predator got his ass kicked by the Grid Alien. He should've spent no time and just defeated the Kainde Amedha (Alien). I could've lived with the first Predator being dispatched so quickly, but two of them? That just made the movie shorter.

The humans were...well...laughable. I mean, sure that Predator had a couple of cheesy one-liners, but they made movie history. These were just pathetic. You couldn't feel bad about the people getting picked off left and right. I agree with a couple of critics in that Lex was no Ellen Riply. She tried too hard to be badass without earning it, but oh well.

Finally, the movie was too short. It wasn't enough Alien vs. Predator. It was everything else but that. The action scenes that actually involved battles between the two species were less than 15 minutes at most. An Alien wouldn't have attacked another creature with an Alien within it (see Alien: 3) and the pred-alien would've probably been crushed by an entire clan of Yautja onboard. I liked the movie, simply because it took that long to come out and because fans wanted it, but I wished they hadn't disgraced it as such. Here's to hoping they make a better version of it, or at least let someone else direct the sequel with a better script. Stick to the comics, they worked.

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Hello. [26 Aug 2004|07:58pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Hi! ^^ My name is SD ((stands for ShadowDemon)) and I just joined a few minutes ago. I'm mainly a fan of the Aliens, but I was ((shockingly)) rooting for Scar in the movie! ^^ He was so cool!

And the movie itself was pretty cool, but not hot-hot like Spider-Man2. I mean, I loved the special effects and the design of the Aliens ((jus like from Alien Ressurection *^^*)) and Predators, but the fact that it was PG-13 kinda limited the gore that it so badly needed. I'm used to it from the seperate movies that it didn't seem right from AVP! It was good though. ^^ I stilled liked it a lot.

A guy at my mom's work told me that he thought that Scar and Lex were gunna start loving each other or something and I was like, "Yeah, I was thinking that too!" But after I had read the book ((before I saw the movie)) I kinda figure that wasn't going to happen.

Though, because I'm a romance twit, I think they would have made a good couple, with the exception of them being two different species. Oo And the fact that the Predators were "teenagers" trying to reach "adulthood" just made it all the better. *^^*

As I've said before, I'm all for the Aliens, and because I'm obsessed over them, I've been trying forever to come up a good idea for a story and I did! Though I'm jus now writing it, it takes place after the movie/book about a year later.

I would go on about it, but then I'd be spoiling it.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and I hope I don't become a bother to any of you. *^^*

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AVP Goal [16 Aug 2004|01:21am]

[ mood | excited ]

I have already seen AVP 3 times, i just got home from seeing it again, my goal is to see this movie at least 10 times, let me know how many times you all plan on seeing it, that is if anyone liked the movie.

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The Numbers Are In!!!!! [15 Aug 2004|04:16pm]



Now to the real point, post your reviews on Alien vs. Predator, let everyone know what you thought on a scale of 1 to 10
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AVP Mini Posters [15 Aug 2004|01:38am]

I have 4 AVP Mini posters that I got from the theater I work at, I might give them out on this Comm, just wait and I will let everyone know what I will do with them soon, that is if anyone is interested in such items.

They Look like the actual official Movie poster with the white background and the Alien looking down upon a half face Predator flaunting his wrist blades. It just varies a little different from the big one, instead of "Whoever Wins... We Lose" Being on the top it's on the bottom and...let's just say it looks different.
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