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Hi! ^^ My name is SD ((stands for ShadowDemon)) and I just joined a few minutes ago. I'm mainly a fan of the Aliens, but I was ((shockingly)) rooting for Scar in the movie! ^^ He was so cool!

And the movie itself was pretty cool, but not hot-hot like Spider-Man2. I mean, I loved the special effects and the design of the Aliens ((jus like from Alien Ressurection *^^*)) and Predators, but the fact that it was PG-13 kinda limited the gore that it so badly needed. I'm used to it from the seperate movies that it didn't seem right from AVP! It was good though. ^^ I stilled liked it a lot.

A guy at my mom's work told me that he thought that Scar and Lex were gunna start loving each other or something and I was like, "Yeah, I was thinking that too!" But after I had read the book ((before I saw the movie)) I kinda figure that wasn't going to happen.

Though, because I'm a romance twit, I think they would have made a good couple, with the exception of them being two different species. Oo And the fact that the Predators were "teenagers" trying to reach "adulthood" just made it all the better. *^^*

As I've said before, I'm all for the Aliens, and because I'm obsessed over them, I've been trying forever to come up a good idea for a story and I did! Though I'm jus now writing it, it takes place after the movie/book about a year later.

I would go on about it, but then I'd be spoiling it.

Anyway, I'm glad to be here and I hope I don't become a bother to any of you. *^^*
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