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would like to seee a female predator...

I honestly kind of sick seeing human women
and just plain male predators

I started a pention with my other friends
I know it seems stupid
but really just would like to see a female predator
we sent it in and we got a postive respones!!
un like disney who are rude to the bone!

"we are acturl going to add female predators in the future
not sure which movie...
but we know alot of fans would like to know of the predators history and soctiey
that will include female predators...
thanks for mailing and leting us know what you would like
thank you"

an't that good?!!
I'm so happy they took the time!

I've heard many times before that female predators are acturl more ruthless then the male
they usely kill for certain reasons,like for meds,finding cures and etc
sometimes to humans or to other creatures they come in contact with

like sense the females are mostly the ones to build machines and invent,cook the food,and bare the children
they can do what ever they need to get things into a line of improveing the race

so they do what they much well please!
it has been rumored that feamles can hunt just like the males and follow the code
but we will have to see I guess

hopeing that they will show female;'s soon!

but do you think they should be like they say in the books and be taller?
or be at least a or 2 shorter?
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It has been stated that there would be a female Predator seen in Predator 3 and she will be a bad blood...
I couldn't find much info on P3
I've been trying so much
but I couldn't come across anything

besides a fake pices of news saying the predators launching an attack on earth

I don't beliave that
the predators need humans for they're passing of alien to man hood or something....I really did watch the movie

I did figure that sense all the fans asked so much to the people to launch a predator movie with females in it

where did you get your info?

cus I wanted to least know some more of the upcoming P3 movie at least

Ooh I know, I read some of that junk too. It's obvious trash. Yautja need Humans, and it would be stupid to launch an attack on something they need, and it would be a senceless and random attack. They wouldn't do that.

If he gives you were he got the info, can I have it too? Everytime I search I keep getting trash and lies,

I really would like to see a Female in the movies though.
I got my info from Look in the archives to find the news though, it maybe just a the rumor of the WWE's Rock or John Cena being in P3 though.
it took a long time before fox company to respond to my letter
only calling himself the

"fox Man"

I totaly forgot about asking for predator 3!!

but i was called that they may have some thought of predator 3


but u can use it

I really do hope to see a predator female!