norngirl (norngirl) wrote in avp_themovie,

predators are sexy!

I know the real name of wht they're called but I'm too lazy to type it

I honestly fell in love with the predators cus I couldn't help but look at they're booties and big muscular bodies

I hoesntly like the one form predator 2

hewas so sexy I wanted to get near him

but he would have hunted me down and raped my throat with a dagger!!

any fans of wanted to touch predators in a very sexural matter fan?

come on!!

speak your being!!
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I have.

I like the "primative" nature, and how they look...

I'm wierd...

join the club...

being wierd is what brought the predators, aliens along with other cool things into this world

being wierd is what makes it so wonderful!!

I like the premtive nature too

I could help but just wanted to just reach out and stroke they're hair

I rember reading a serve that girls like predators as much more as aliens

I'm not saying girls can't like aliens

it's just a serve but it could be equal

I also really like predator romance
I can't really picture a women trying to have sex with a predator
kind of gross's me out

I most picture predator couples

which makes me smile and easyer to imagiane
plus it makes sense
it my own opion

I just think if I ever got tomeet one
I would just like to flirt with him
coruse I think he may not take my act as flirting

I just hope they will tell mre history on the predator or I can at least find a book
<.< >.>
every day girlfriend. =D
Me! XD I love predators and love matches with human women. If only there was more good fan fiction on it. ;.;

I agree


January 6 2011, 09:21:48 UTC 6 years ago

I loooove Predators....Scar from AVP is my purdeehh....X3